Abstract Arts Club

Sunday 16th April 7pm

Abstract Arts Club

Lucy de Reoper hosts a fully immersive evening of experimentation, play, technical guidance and discussion designed to develop your understanding of abstract painting. This beginner’s course offers a positive space with others by which you will be encouraged to begin (or further) your experience in painting abstract. This course is aimed for those who want to explore abstract painting. Helping those new to abstraction to find a way into this form of painting. The main focus of the course is practical (all tools and resources will be provided) with an emphasis on positive mindset and working therapeutically in a way which encourages you to tap into powerful spiritual inner states.

Before moving back to the countryside to continue her career as an artist and art teacher, Lucy de Roeper lived and worked in London for many years where she fulfilled a variety of commissions both for private clients, film sets and her own exhibitions, both group and solo. She studied at City and Guilds of London Art School, Putney School of Art and was mentored by some of London’s leading Contemporary artists such as Dan Coombs and Alison Harper at The Essential School of Painting. She has fulfilled art therapy qualifications with her teaching and has worked therapeutically with children and adults and those with conditions such as Autism, ADHD and other SEND related issues. This gives her teaching and hosting a therapeutic edge where she strives to maintain a safe space for individuals to create and develop their creativity, with no judgement and where inhibitions can be released. She has worked with all age groups from very early ages as well as adults but fully believes that unleashing the inner child within all of us is so important for reaching creative potential.

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